Snapseed Girls Photo Editing 5 Step Tutorial

Snapseed Girls Photo Editing If you do not have a friend to take any kind of photo, then today we will teach you how you can add photo to your friend with your picture, meaning that this photo editing concept is called Girls and Boys

Photo. Editing Inside this post, I am going to teach you step by step which tools I have used, if you want to know then read the post completely.

How to girls and boy photo editing

First of all, friends, you have to select a photo that whatever photo you want to edit, if you do not have any photo, then you can go o

ut or click the photo at home, otherwise if you have a camera, then you can use it. You can also mean that you have the facility to click the photo

Friends, then you have to open this photo in snapseed application, after that we will tell you the tools, you have to use the same tools.

use the double exposure tool

After clicking in the aiken, you have to come down, after that you will see an option of double exposure, in that you have to click

, after clicking, we will give you a background, use that background and you will get this background by coming into the tool. Hundred the opacity city by selecting

snapseed girls photo editing

remove photo extra parts

  • Friends, as we had selected the background
  • after that our photo was completely
  • covered, but we will remove its extra parts,
  • for this you will see the option of view edit
  • click on it, that means first a box icon
  • will appear, click on it. Have to do it
  • then you can easily address the background
  • from the option here which is the extra part.

color grading in girls and boys photo editing

For this, friends, you can use the curva tool, inside it you will see some color in the line shape, if you want to give the effect of the color to the background, then select the color of that type of color, after that a

line option will appear above the line. Do it below, this will make the color of the photo up and down, if you feel that it is good here,

then you can write it there, now you have to follow these steps again until you have applied the effect.

use vintage effect

Vintage effect is such an effect that the four corners of the photo are darkened black, due to which the photo looks very beautiful

and if I believe, use this effect and do the best editing of the photo.



If you have any kind of problem in this dark background photo editing, then you can comment on me so that we can solve your problem.

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