Photoshop and Lightroom Tree photo editing

Tree photo editing Can we do photo editing like Photoshop inside Lightroom or not? In today’s post I will tell you the answer, along with this I will also teach you how you can do photo editing inside Lightroom like Photo Shop and this editing.

It is going to be much easier because I will explain to you in very easy steps how editing is done, so let’s start with this.

Tree photo editing

Change background

Friends, to change the background, you can use any kind of app like picsart snapseed etc. with this the background of your photo changes very well and it also looks very amazing and fun, after that you can change

the photo. To share in Lightroom application, there is an option at the top to share, by going to that option you can easily share this photo in Lightroom application.

Tree photo editing Add color effect to photo

To give color effect in the photo, you have to come to the color tools and you have to see what kind of background you have or what color it is, you have to select that color and you will see three options, work on them by Tree photo editing

clicking on the option. This has to be done more consistently so that you can know in which color your photo looks good. Similarly, you have to do it with all the colors and in an easy way you can give color effect to your photo.

How to face glow in lightroom

  • the complexion of the face is a much easier task because
  • red and orange colors are used for it. With the help of these two colors, you can make the complexion of your face
  • and white but we always suggest to make
  • the complexion fair so that the photo This makes it
  • visible quite well and also looks like editing has been done.
  • In this way you can make the complexion fairer.

Add effects to photos

Tree photo editing add effects to the photo, friends, you have to go to the function given in Light Room. In this, many effects are given one by one, with the help of which you can add effects to your photo in a wonderful way. If you do not know how to add effects, then You can give effects by

clicking on the presets, this also shows the quality of the photo very well and also looks like editing. If you want, you can use them, we hundred percent suggest you for this, it is made only for beginners. It happens to those who do not know editing at all so that they know a little about editing.

Viral Photo Editing


this way, this photo editing is completely completed. If you do not understand this photo editing, then you can tell me by commenting

or if you have any kind of problem, then also comment and tell me, with this we will be able to solve your problem. Will bring solution. Today’s post was till this end.

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