Lightroom Dark Background Colour Photo Editing Tutorial

Friends, today I will teach you how you can do dark photo editing with the help of Lightroom, this post is going to be great for you guys, if you want to learn this photo editing, then read the post completely.

How to Dark Background Photo Editing

First of all friends, you have to open a photo editing application called Light Application or with the help of application

we are going to learn this photo editing very well.You will get this application for free in the play store, you can install it from there.

dark background editing
dark background editing

how to make color adjustment

For this, you have to open Lightroom and select the photo you want to edit, if you want, you can share directly from the gallery in Lightroom, otherwise you can open it in Lightroom according to your own.
can you

After these, friends will show you the option of one color, inside the Lightroom application, you have to click on the same, now the mix tool has to be clicked.

Friends, if your background is a stubborn color, then you have to select the same color, after selecting it, you have to reduce the situation, after that your photo can appear dark.

If you want to whiten the face, then you can also use red and orange color, similarly friends, we have given dark effects in the photo and have made the face glow.


add effect to photo

Dark Background In the same way, friends, now you have to put effects in the photo, again there is a tool by doing effects next to it, you have to select the same tools, otherwise, if you get to see many types of tools here, then we will also comment that you are vintage Reduce in

options and give black effect around the photo so that the photo looks great and nice
If you want to apply more effects, then you can do it according to your own because everyone’s photo is different and it is good to give different effects, you must try this thing by adopting it.

Place this curve effect in the photo

  • you can clear the photo with the help of this effect,
  • which makes the photo look great, even if you
  • do not want to give your eyes, then there is no problem,
  • but we will recommend that you definitely use this effect.
  • To use friends, you have to come to this tool, then you will
  • see 6 colors, out of 6 colors, you will have two colors
  • from which you can just shade the highlight and with the
  • remaining 4 colors, you can adjust the color balance of your
  • photo very well. You can do it with whatever editing you are doing,
  • you can also place the color properly
  • according to that, in this way our editing becomes complete.


If you have any kind of problem in this dark background photo editing, then you can comment on me so that we can solve your problem.

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