Snapseed Sky Blue Background Change Photo Editing

Snapseed Sky Blue Background This photo editing is going to be a lot of fun for girls guys because I am going to show you the colour grading along with the photos of girls if you want to learn this photo editing then

stay in the post because I will guide you step by step in this I am going to clear photo editing, this post is going to show you very easily how to do girls photo editing

How to Snapseed Sky Blue Background

snapseed background change photo editing

For this, friends, you have to open the Snapseed application in a simple way, after this you will see many types of tools and options, then you have to click on a

photo, after clicking whatever photo you want to edit. Yes, we have to select it as if we take a photo of a girls, after that we will whiten the face by clicking on the pencil icon, for that we use the tool on the portrait.

use the dark black tool in the photo

Friends, you have to click on this tool, so that the background of your photo will be completely black, but there will be an effect on the face as well, but you do

not need to worry because I will tell you how to remove this effect. After that, after the background of the photo becomes black in a simple way, you have to write it.

remove face effect

To remove this effect, friends, you will see the option of a box in the icon above, that option has to be clicked, after that you will see an

option of view edit, then click on this option, then you will get the 100. By doing -0 you can easily remove the torn effect in the face.


Colour grading with the Tune Image tool

  • With the help of this tool, we will colour the
  • background of the photo blue.
  • Let us tell you that as soon as you click
  • on it, you will see a lot of options like
  • shadow, highlight, brightness, contrast,
  • etc., but you have to leave this option and
  • come to the bottom warmth option and
  • you have to minus it completely, so that
  • photo Blue effect will come in the face as well
  • so I have already told you how you can remov
  • e the extra effect, you can easily remove the extra
  • blue fact lying on the face with the same method.
  • You can remove or after doing it, the background
  • color of your photo will be changed easily,
  • so that the photo will look very beautiful
  • and bang, in this way you can edit your
  • photo using all these tools.


If you have any kind of problem in this dark background photo editing, then you can comment on me so that we can solve your problem.

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