Lightroom sky background Photo editing Tutorial best background change in detail

sky Photo editing As you all know that Lightroom application is a very good powerful application, it has great photo editing. Today or inside the post, in this way I have brought you a lot of fun and sky change photo editing because this photo editing is very useful for you people. It is going to be better if you are

interested in photo editing. In this editing, we will learn about things like how to change the color of the sky, how to change the background, how to change the color of the face, etc. If you are interested in this photo editing then read the post completely, do not do it in any way.

Change sky in Lightroom

First of all, to change the sky, you have to use the color tools, which are available in the Light Room application. You have to come to the tools and see your sky color, that is, you have to choose which is your sky color. Always remember this. Suppose the color of the sky is blue, then similarly our sky color is also selected in blue color and we increase its situation option so that one of its colors becomes completely blue, after that you do not have to do anything, it is automatic sky. The color will increase and it will look very good.

sky photo editing face glow

Friends, whitening the face is a very easy task, for this we will select orange color, then you will see an option below, you have to make it full, with this the facial color of your image increases very well and It looks very interesting, so in this way you can make your face fair.

sky Photo editing
sky Photo editing

sky Add effect Lightroom

  • Now we will give a filter in the photo, with the help of which the
  • photo looks like it has been edited very well. For that,
  • we will not do anything much, we will go back, we will reduce the temperature option and increase the bottom option
  • , due to this, the color starts getting maintained very well
  • automatically. After that we will give effects to this
  • photo so that the photo looks better.

Christmas Background Editing

Use The Presets

Friends, to give effects, there is already a tool called Light Room in which we can give amazing effects to the photo and can do complete editing of the photo, for that we have to click on the effect tools and you can

According to this, whatever effect you want, you have to apply it in your photo. Similarly, your photo will be ready like photo editing. I hope you have understood this post


If you face any kind of problem in this sky photo editing, then you can tell me by message or you can also comment in this comment box so that we can solve your problem and this will keep your photo editing continuous. The post was till this

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