snapseed qr code blue and brown

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snapseed qr code blue and brown

snapseed qr code blue and brown

how to create snapseed qr code blue and brown

Editing blue and brown effects in Snapseed is quite easy.

In whatever photo you want to give blue and brown effect, open the image in Snapseed app.

Now select Sin filter in the style option below, with this all the red orange color in the subject will be changed to brown color.

Now to give blue color effect to the image, select the tune image option in the tools.

If there are more dark areas in the image then the highlights have to be increased and the brightness has to be increased.

The shadow also needs to be increased a little.

The more you work on reducing the warmth, the more blue effect will appear in the photo.

Now we have to go into detail and increase the structure to match the arranged color.

Last of all, save the edited image with the help of export option.

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